Palm Coast Weimaraners
AKC Champion Bloodlined Weimaraners

Our puppies come without breeding rights.

Contact us with any questions.

Zeus Master of His Domain

Zeus is the protector of our home and an avid hunter. He is always on alert, listening for anything that may be entering his yard. He has recently taken to hearding our goats and chickens making sure that no one gets out of line.  

Zeus stands at 26 inches tall at his shoulders and weighs in around 75 pounds.






High Maintenance Prissy Piper

Piper is the largest of the girls. She weighs 70lbs and stands 25" at the shoulders.

She is the most loving and gentle Weim we have owned, always standing by our side waiting to give us kisses. Piper is full of energy and always wanting to go, go, go.


Happy Tails to you Agile Astrid

Meet Astrid! One of the newest additions to our Weim family and is the daughter of Skyler and Zeus.

Astrid is a spitting image of her mom. She loves to be outside and always has her nose to the ground. 


Raven the Mindful Watcher  

 Raven is daughter of Athena and Zeus. 

Raven is one of most alert weims in the pact, always needs her eyes on her humans.


Atlas Titan of the Stars