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AKC Champion Bloodlined Weimaraners and Dogo's

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Coming September 2022

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Previous litter puppy owners

Dear Palm Coast Weims,

    Skeptical of breeders in general, my husband and I did thorough research before deciding on going with Palm Coast Weims.

Now, we have had Gunner who has just turned  10months old. He is the son of Skyler and Zeus.

One of the main deciding factors was the knowledge of  how your own weims are treated as family members. Knowing that from birth our weim would have hands on interaction and be raised in a happy environment was key.

 Weims as a breed have the complex of being difficult. I cannot disagree more. Or maybe it was where they got their weim.

I have owned many breeds, but Gunner is by far the most intelligent, easy to train, little gentleman. I believe his  sweet deposition has a lot to do with his genes and upbringing.

He lives with another dog, two cats and is around kids all the time. He is a happy , go lucky dog and we never do we have to worry about him around people or new furry friends.

 We are reaching out again since we think it is time to get Gunner a little brother! There is no one else we rather turn to get a weim, but you and your family.

    The Thiel family


Dear Palm Coast Weimaraners

     Our Weim boys are great!  They are such sweet baby boys and they are growing like weeds.  Everywhere we take them, people stop us to comment on how beautiful they are and what great temperaments they have.  It is obvious that they were loved and nurtured from the beginning. 

     We really appreciate your time to take pictures and send them to us so we could watch them grow from birth until it was time to take them home.  Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions as well.  It was wonderful to meet you and Bella and Jax when we picked up our pups.  Being able to see Bella and Jax was wonderful—they are both beautiful Weims and so friendly and sweet.  We know you really care about your Weims and they’re a part of your family.  Thank you for raising such a great litter.  We would absolutely recommend Palm Coast Weims.

Jen and Kevin

Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Palm Coast Weims

Our female Weim, Bailey, is from your first litter with Bella and Jax.  She is now about 19 months old and is just beautiful.  She has a wonderful temperament and is an integral part of our family.  Bailey trained easily and is great with our children and two cats.  She is very friendly to our guests but knows when to play the watchdog as well.  Whenever sheis out with us, people always stop us to ask about her and pet her.

We were in the process of moving back to Florida when we first discovered Palm Coast Weims.  You were very responsive via email and invited my parents to come over and meet Bella and Jax and the new litter of puppies.  You then kept us updated with photos and emails about Bailey as she grew. As soon as we were back in Florida we came to meet all of you and were so happy to see how the dogs were treated.  The way your animals are part of your family and not just kept for breeding made a big difference to us and set you apart as we made our decision.

When we decide to add another Weim to our family, we will certainly be contacting you again.

Tony & Stacey

Ormond Beach, Florida

Dear Palm Coast Weims

Our female weim, Lucy, is such a joy. She is just about 6 months old now and is absolutely beautiful. She is such a sweet little girl. She is training very easily and loves everyone that comes to our house. She is such a well tempered dog. She gets along with other dogs wonderfully. Wherever we take Lucy with us everyone is amazed about how beautiful she is.
We have always wanted to get a Weimaraner because of how beautiful they are. When we found your website we were very happy to see that they your weims are such a big part of your family, and how wonderful you guys treat them. We wanted our weim to be brought up in a loving environment from the beginning, and that is exactly what we got. We were also very happy to be able to come into your home so that we could visit Lucy before she came home. Jax and Bella are wonderful parents and great dogs. We would recommend Palm Coast Weimaraners to everyone who would be interested in a Weimaraner. We cannot thank you enough for our little Lucy. We will certainly be in touch when we are ready to get Lucy a little brother or sister.

Thanks again,
Ashleigh, Kellam & Lucy

Fernandina Beach, FL


Dear Palm Coast Weims

Our baby girl, Motzi, has completely won over our hearts. She has been so easy to train, so much fun to be around, and so great with other dogs and people alike. We cannot get very far on public walks without someone stopping to rave about how beautiful she is, and we agree completely. Our favorite thing to do with her is going to the neighborhood dog park to play Fetch and Keep-Away. She is also an excellent snuggler. All of the Weimaraner breed information you provided us with including their desire to always be by your side, their little and nearly unnoticeable amount of shedding, and their intelligence has proven true with our girl.
Thank you so much for being so patient with us first time dog owners. The countless texts you quickly responded to regardless of how silly they were, the picture updates you sent throughout the pregnancy and early puppy days, and the continued advice you are still giving us now more than 3 months later are only some of the reasons why we would most definitely recommend that people get a Weimaraner from you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything. 
Seth, Jackie, and Motzi 


Orlando, FL